Dear My Destruction - Josh, Matt , Cameron (dearmydest1) wrote in dmdmusic,
Dear My Destruction - Josh, Matt , Cameron


If any of you guys live in the sd area we will be playign our first major show on june 4th at the old krikorian heres the fliar

o for those of you who dont live in the sd area here are a few pics from some open mics we have done.

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Seeing as you guys are amazing and all, I have a huge favor to ask of you...

I'm helping my friend produce a movie, and we need a really good soundtrack for it in order for some of the scenes to be effective. Next year he's going to be in a films program at Emerson college and he's making a movie this summer that he can enter in contests and film festivals. The problem is that in order to meet the requirements of many of these contests he is only allowed to use 7 seconds of each copyrighted song he chooses... so instead we're trying to find some good music that we can get permission from the bands to use in the movie.

I'm sorry if this is an unreasonable request, but you guys are very professional sounding and your music would work beautifully in some of the scenes we are planning. Also, you could think of it as promotion of your music. Free advertising? In any case, I'd love it if we could include Dear My Destruction's music in the film... so let me know as soon as possible if you are interested...

If you would rather not reply on here, you can email me at or instant message me on inbreakdowns. I'll give you more information and we can sort out the copyright details.

Thanks so much...
<333 Liz
You can definantly use our music in your movie. I don't think any of us would have a problem with that. We're not tied to a label or anything (at the moment) so there won't be any of that hassle there. It's late, so I'm about to go to bed, but I'll text you tomorrow and you can tell me all about it. It sounds awesome though! Thanks so much for thinking of us!
Thank you so so so much. Hah.

IM me or email me ASAP so we can talk.
<3 Liz